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FET-Analyze: [Data Analysis & Plotting]
  1. Most likely nothing like this exists in the world.
  2. Originally started as a reformatting Fortran program to organize messy data.
  3. Easier to view with any text program and easy to use/plot in Excel.
  4. Later grown into automated analysis program to get the data for all files in a folder.
  5. Reduces the calculation time from so many hours to couple of minutes!
  6. Well defined algorithm reduces errors and increases reproducibility.
  7. Moved the above Fortran program to Python with added Plotting.
  8. The program can distinguish Output and Transfer characteristics files.
  9. If filenames are same (with only -tc added for TC), it will plot them together.
  10. Excel is never needed, but can be readily used.
  11. Data are written in a meaningful and easy-to-read form in formatted-CSV files.
  12. Modifications are always possible (compared to commercial programs).
  13. Multiple calculations performed, which give additional insights on the results.
  14. Curves are plotted and saved in a PDF/PNG file along with results Table (1 page).
  15. Best results are summarized in Summary text file for a quick glance.
  16. Any number of data files can be easily analyzed from this one Summary file.
  17. This program reduces the total work time by about 50%; the post-experimental analysis time is reduced by 99% (which is about half of total work time).
  18. In addition to fully saving mind-numbing work time, it provides more analysis and enables one to study the mobility and Vt changes with different Vds, L values, and from both linear & saturation regimes. We can do all these with just a few extra seconds in a relaxed way.